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How an RPO solution can help you bridge the skills gap

There’s no doubt that outsourcing your hiring can provide you with a whole host of benefits – less CV trawling, fewer interviews to coordinate, time and costs saved - so it’s no surprise that the concept is more popular than ever.

But did you know that an RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) solution will also help with other challenges, including skills shortages?

In niche sectors, such as nuclear, where a lack of future skills is a real concern, recruiters simply filling roles is no longer enough.

Nowadays, companies outsourcing their recruitment will gain far more, including expert support in bridging industry skills gaps. Here’s how...


You’re no longer tackling a skills shortage alone! An RPO hooks you up with an entire team of experienced and industry-dedicated recruiters. Often they’ve years of experience, are well networked and know the talent in the market – and more importantly, where to find them. And if they don’t, they have the skills and know-how to get things moving for you faster than you could alone.

Often a great RPO team has links with schools and universities too. Through working with educational institutions, they’re ahead of the game – promoting subjects in which there’s a shortfall of talent, along with the opportunities of working for organisations like yours.

Making the most of your partner’s insight is sure to strengthen your position in a skills-poor market.

Employer Value Proposition (EVP)

As an integrated partner, your RPO team will be fully embedded into your business. They’ll live and breathe your values, share your goals and will promote your employer brand to its full potential.

Not only promoting your brand, an RPO means you’re partnering with experts who know how to develop your EVP.

And once it’s strong and attractive, they’ll take that brand to market. Your RPO can involve the implementation or redesign of a careers webpage and help with SEO and marketing activity that will bring candidates knocking at your door, rather than you trying to find a needle in haystack.

And when talent does come knocking, part of the RPO strategy will involve ensuring you are providing the best possible candidate experience. You can be rest assured that the processes and technology that come with an RPO will do wonders for your reputation.

Ultimately, despite a skills gap in your market, hard-to-find talent will see you as an employer of choice.


If you appoint an RPO partner, the delivery team will work with HR, hiring managers and decision makers to ensure that a consistent, high standard of talent acquisition practices are in place across the board.

Your RPO team can train those employees involved in hiring on topics such as writing interview questions and job descriptions, interview techniques/best practice and post-interview plans.

Through embedding themselves into your business an RPO team will gain a true understanding of your systems and processes. Therefore, they’ll be able to anticipate your future recruitment needs and ensure your organisation is attracting talent through offering a great candidate experience.

Succession planning

We all know the importance of strategic workforce planning, but we also know that other things can take priority. Why spend time preparing for something that may not happen for another few years? And for HR, who are likely planning for multiple successors, it can be plain time consuming!

But remember, an RPO means a team taking a holistic view. The attention will be not only on individuals but on a strategic forecast for many years to come. They’ll look at putting initiatives in place for the longer term, ensuring success through not only finding the best people for your business, but through profitability too.

They have time to dedicate to succession planning, not to mention the expertise, experience, and network to boot. And most importantly, they’ll scope out market trends and anticipate your future needs, addressing skills shortages before they become an unmanageable issue.

An RPO highlights so many more advantages than a traditional recruitment model. An RPO partner will become an integral part of your organisation, which means as markets evolve, so too does your business.

With a holistic view of your company’s entire hiring needs, an RPO ensures you’re provided with specialist knowledge for not only attracting, but retaining the right talent; even in the midst of a sector skills shortage.

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