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Our round up of the most recent North West Digital Events

People, and the organisations they work in, are surrounded by more technology than ever before. Here we bring you insight directly from inside ITSB 2016, Business Rocks 2016 and the upcoming Digital Revolution, keeping you up to date with this ever evolving industry.

What’s happening in Digital?

People, and the organisations they work in, are more closely connected to technology than ever before. With this in mind, Rullion have attended a number of recent digital events, keeping abreast of this ever evolving topic. Here, we share the highlights...

ITSB 2016

Rullion was pleased to be invited to a digital event organised by IT Lab last month. The IT Strategy Briefing 2016 (ITSB 2016) was arranged around the theme of “an ever changing digital world” and the line up for the day included expert insights, with discussions surrounding innovation within the workplace.

The keynote speakers included Co-op Group’s Chief Digital Officer, Mike Bracken, Head of Technology for Partners at Microsoft, James Akrigg and IT Lab’s Lucie Glenday and Michael Bateman.

Here's a brief summary of their presentations:

What's happening in digital?

Quotes from the speakers...

“Artificial intelligence is not about the end of the world, it’s more about machine learning assisting us us in what we do and doing things we never thought were possible before.”James Akrigg
“It’s going to be alright, so long as we get the right people...the challenges [that technology may bring] can be met.” Mike Bracken
“Soon well have hundreds of billions of sensors, connected to tonnes of billions of devices...this will drive data, this will drive analytics that will drive us to be able to see, experience and record the world in very different ways to the ways we’ve done before. It also gives us the opportunity to work with the world, to define processes, to change the way that we do our business, in ways that we can’t even imagine at the moment.” Michael Bateman
“A machine can do things 10 times, if not 1000 times quicker than a person can. So automation is something that has to happen for many businesses, simply because the customers want to transact in that immediate way.” Lucie Glenday
“As Zuckerberg said last week ‘you need to build a Blackberry before you build an iPhone’ but our challenge is to make sure we don’t become the Blackberry and know how to build an iPhone.” Michael Bateman

Digital Revolution 2016 – Rullion is proud to be sponsors.

Digital RevolutionDemonstrating our ongoing support for and commitment to digital in the North West, Rullion, alongside Manchester University, are pleased to provide sponsorship at Digital Revolution. Taking place on Friday 6th May at the Comedy Store on Deansgate Locks, the event organisers describe the event as “a must attend event for anyone who is passionate about the development of the sector and who wants to mix and network with their peers, and to find out what the future holds for their business.”

As advocates of digital skills, and of putting the North West on the map for leading the way in innovation and technology, Rullion recognise the importance of supporting such initiatives.

More information on the event can be found here:

Business Rocks 2016

Rullion attended Business Rocks 2016 #BR2016, an annual Manchester-based event which offered inspiring keynote talks, workshops, round-tables and world-class networking. Back-to-back talks formed the basis of the day, with the headline speaker of the day being Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak, who partook in a “fireside chat” with Sunday Times’ journalist Bryan Appleyard.

Other inspirational presentations were led by Social Chain’s Steve Bartlett, entrepreneur Jeff Hoffman, The Bakery’s Alex Dunsdon and representatives of Tech North Advocates.

Clips from the day can be seen on the event webpage at

Here’s a few of our favourite quotes from the day:

“Don’t chase money, chase excellence.” Jeff Hoffman
“Robots will figure out solutions to hunger and poverty environment and climate and everything we can’t figure out; they’ll be smarter.” Steve Wozniak
“Why is it we let the world tell us what the ceiling is?” Jeff Hoffman
“We build tech to make life easy – I don’t have to know the capital of a country, I just look it up on a machine.” Steve Wozniak

Rullion's Eleanor Martin speaking with Jeff Hoffman:

Bullion's Eleanor Martin and Jeff Hoffman

Media City Expo

Rullion is attending the upcoming Media City Expo, an event which will showcase creative, digital and media excellence at the Tech capital of the North. Media City Expo is taking place on Wednesday 18th May and includes speakers from Business Growth Hub, ATTAIN Digital, Microsoft and Wakelet to name just a few.