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Marketing Recruitment Update

In the modern landscape, marketing is becoming more important than ever for a brand or business to get its message heard in a crowded marketplace. There are more channels than ever before, with the Internet as a key point of contact between marketers and consumers. And with research suggesting that Britons spend more time using technology than they do sleeping, it’s not surprising that digital has become the buzzword of the marketing industry[1].

The Digital Marketing Institute has earmarked SEO, video content, community management, marketing automation and analytics as the top marketing skills for 2017[2].

Other sectors on the rise include Big Data, IoT, SEO, wearables, paid search, and display[3].  

We’re also seeing an increased focus on the customer journey, as businesses start to put the customers at the centre of their marketing activities. 

The recruitment needs of an emerging market 

With an area such as this, where change is intrinsic, professionals needed to be constantly vigilant with keeping up-to-date with current trends. 

Even the entry-level side of this market is relatively competitive with starting salaries in the region of £18-22k. At the senior end, average compensation tends to peak around £60k, and in the growing North West market, this can go as high as £100k. 

Marketing recruitment in retail and financial services is thriving, with niche markets such as pharmaceuticals typically boasting the highest salaries. 

The biggest barrier to recruitment right now is a lack of digital skills. This is a huge problem in the North West region, where it can take as long as 9-12 months for companies to recruit for roles without the helping hand of a specialist recruiter like Rullion.  

Marketing to candidates

According to LinkedIn’s Global Recruiting Trends of 2016, 59% of companies are investing more in their employer brand compared to last year, showing an increased awareness of employer branding within the industry[4]

Here at Rullion, we counsel clients on the best types of hires to match their needs, looking at their Employer Value Proposition (EVP) to help make them an attractive prospect for potential employees. According to recent figures, 70% of candidates never receive an outcome relating to their application, which can create a negative impression[5].  

Bad news travels fast and candidates who had a negative experience are more likely to tell others than those who had a positive journey. It’s important to take steps to be the guardian of your EVP, and ensure you’re not developing a bad reputation in the sector, especially if there’s a limited talent pool to choose from. 

Working in partnership to understand your needs 

We understand that it doesn’t just begin and end with finding candidates; we manage the entire candidate journey to make sure the process is as smooth and as seamless as possible.  

We also understand the importance of finding a good cultural fit to complement technical skills and ability, and can help hiring managers pinpoint the perfect candidates for them. 

Challenges for 2017 

When it comes to recruiting for marketing roles in 2017, the biggest challenge is likely to be Brexit, which will have a huge effect on the market when it does happen. Initial indications say that it hasn’t affected the market so far, but business leaders are expressing anxiety in this area – and this uncertainty alone is likely to have a tangible impact on the market. 

We’re seeing more permanent positions than contract roles at present, but the contract market could grow unabated while the uncertainty around Brexit continues. Despite this uncertainty, there is an upward turn overall, indicating that this sector will become a candidate-led market in the future. And when it comes to digital skills, there are huge opportunities on the horizon. 

Whether you’re looking to fill a marketing role, of you’re a marketing professional ready to take the next step, talk to the team at Rullion today.