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Bringing nuclear professionals back to work after retirement

In a recent survey we carried out amongst engineers in nuclear and other sectors ("The truth about the UK Nuclear and Engineering sectors"), we highlighted how an ageing workforce is a looming problem across the industry. 

Half of the UK nuclear engineers who responded were aged 44 to 54, with one in five aged 35 to 44 and one in five aged 25 to 34. Engineers continuing to work in their late sixties and beyond are relatively rare – just one respondent was a nuclear engineer in the 65 to 74 year age bracket.

Despite this, many workers are interested in working beyond traditional retirement age, and it seems employers do not always take full advantage of this trend.

"The industry rightly identifies an aging skill base as a challenge that needs addressing, At Rullion, we've worked with this population throughout their career and we know just how much they can add. Their experience, knowledge and enthusiasm affords us all the opportunity to capture this knowledge for inspiring and mentoring the next generation", says James Chamberlain, Director Workforce Solutions at Rullion and head of its Nuclear operation. 

When nuclear engineers were asked if they would consider working past 65 to help bridge the skills gap in their industry, 79% in the UK said yes and so did 73% of those based internationally. This is significantly higher than the portion willing to push the retirement boundaries in other engineering sectors, though, across the board, engineers are open to the idea.

In non-nuclear sectors, just over half of respondents based in the UK would entertain working past 65, as would 67% of their international counterparts. So, there is a considerable pool of talented expertise who could be persuaded to stay on, given the right conditions, but there is an underlying sense that their contribution is being overlooked.

If you need help with nuclear recruitment or are looking for your next nuclear role, have a look at our Nuclear jobs and our Hinkley Point C micro-site, or contact our Cumbria office for a confidential discussion. 

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