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What is targeted talent attraction and why is it important for your brand?

Today’s job market is more competitive than ever. Marketing optimisation has become a must when it comes to attracting passive candidates: to be successful, you need to put the candidates you’re looking for first, creating targeted messages that will speak directly to them.

Candidates  know their options and their value, and employers must understand how to approach them with the right content and through the right channels to make sure they tick all the right boxes in the candidate’s mind.

How can employers do this? How can they differentiate themselves from competitors and project an attractive brand image? The answer is simple: with targeted talent attraction.

Targeted talent attraction is the process of attracting the attention of candidates with extensive market research, tailored content, powerful social media and digital techniques, awesome candidate experience and a structured decision journey, before they are even considering applying for a role at your company.

Basically, targeted talent attraction turns your brand into the desired destination of the candidates you’re looking for. That way, you'll be able to find your ideal candidates because they will want to work for you.

The key to targeted talent attraction is understanding your ideal candidate and creating a tailored campaign to get their attention. The 5 key stages of this process are:

  1. Research and understand your market and what it is that you’re looking for
  2. Create candidate personas and the journey you want them to go through
  3. Produce targeted content that will speak directly to your candidate personas’ motivations and goals
  4. Monitor the performance of the campaign and optimise accordingly
  5. Report on results and implement what you’ve learned

Applying this approach to your company will boost your talent attraction and improve the perception the candidates you’re looking for have of your brand. It will create a wide range of digital recruitment assets that will help you capitalise on your marketing investment and sustain a steady level of relevant applications to your roles.

Finally, targeted talent attraction will differentiate you from your competitors, giving you a critical talent attraction advantage in today’s extremely competitive job market. 

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