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3 reasons why Candidate Personas will boost your talent attraction

The UK’s job market is extremely competitive and attracting talent has become a daunting challenge for many companies. With HR departments struggling to engage with passive candidates, knowing how your ideal candidate thinks, behaves and seeks their next career move is more critical than ever to attract them to your company. However, Candidate Personas are the perfect tool to reach that goal and unlock the potential of your brand!

In marketing theory, a Candidate Persona is a fictional representation of the type of candidate you’re looking for based on extensive research and real information about how they work, interact, think, look for a new role, behave online, use social media, etc...

Every little bit of information is critical. What’s their experience? Where do they live? How do they find out about new job opportunities? What’s their role and why would they consider changing roles? What are their work motivations and goals? The more detailed you can get, the better you will be able to use that information to develop a strategy to attract them to your company.

Download our free Candidate Persona template here to know your ideal candidate and boost your talent attraction efforts

Crafting an exhaustive Candidate Persona will provide you with a critical advantage over your competitors when trying to engage with your ideal talent. The main three reasons why using these personas will boost your talent attraction are:

1. Candidate Personas will help you understand your ideal candidate’s career goals and motivations. With that valuable information, you’ll be able to offer them exactly what they’re looking for! Is salary the key element for their final decision to join your company? The technology they’ll be able to work with? Location? Benefits?, Career progression? Knowing the answer to these questions will put you one step ahead in the race to attract talent!

2. Candidate Personas will allow you to develop tailored branded content that will speak directly to them. The internet is buzzing with articles, white papers, content, social media posts... no wonder it‘s hard getting the attention of the candidates you seek. But, if you knew exactly what they’re interested in and what they’re ready to engage with, you could offer it to them at the right time, through the right channel. That way, they’ll see you as a desirable company to work for!

3. Candidate Personas will help you optimise your resources to focus exactly on what will bring you the best results. Are your ideal candidates on Twitter or LinkedIn? Do they respond to emails, or do they like to meet new organisations through events? The more you understand who you are trying to hire, the better financial decision you will be able to make to meet their needs and ambitions. This will turn your employer brand into a perfectly tuned talent attraction generator in no time.

The available talent pool is more complex than ever, with Baby Boomers, Generation Xs and Millennials all wanting and needing the same but in slightly different ways. Crafting Candidate Personas can ensure that your strategy enables you to appeal to and thus attract the widest talent pool possible, as diversity of thought drives innovation, rather than narrowing your options of the talent that is available.