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Dynamic IT market means Tech Professionals are in demand

In today’s highly dynamic technology market, it is widely recognised that businesses need their IT services to be more adaptable, agile and flexible than ever before.

The growth in cloud computing and technology such as VMware has enabled enterprises to overcome the constraints of their IT environments[i], yet it has also driven an increasing requirement for IT professionals with fresh skill sets across all industries and business sizes.

As a result, the current Infrastructure recruitment market is extremely buoyant, highly competitive and candidate focused with the technology talent being required across all levels of experience.

What are the salaries like?

Salaries vary widely across IT and Infrastructure roles with pay being dependent upon experience level, location and specific skill-sets. Experience in niche or emerging technologies can be highly sought after, therefore these candidates can command higher salaries or attractive benefits including flexible working hours.

As a rough guide, Junior Infrastructure Engineers in the North West and Yorkshire can expect to see salaries starting at around £22k - £26k. Mid-level or 3rd line Implementation and Infrastructure Engineers with experience maintaining systems such as Windows Servers, Exchange or Citrix can command between £40 - £45k plus benefits. IT Contractors working at a 3rd line level should expect a competitive day rate of around £300 to £400.

What challenges are businesses facing when recruiting and retaining talent?

Technology is undoubtedly a candidate driven market. Businesses seeking the best IT talent must ensure that their packages are appealing from every angle in order to catch and retain their top tech professionals.

When it comes to recruiting, the biggest challenge in the tech sector is that candidates are in demand. With recruiters adopting a proactive, candidate-led approach, the best IT talent can take their pick of the job market and businesses must think wisely about their selling points to secure interest from a somewhat limited candidate pool.

For SMEs trying to compete with big businesses for the best tech talent, it’s vital to consider (and promote) how smaller business culture can appeal to the market of ambitious IT professionals. Perks such as flexible working options, more rapid technology implementation and a holistic approach to IT[ii]are listed amongst some of the reasons that tech professionals may favour an SME environment over that of a larger enterprise.

With 45% of IT professionals prepared to move to another company for the right offer, even if they are not actively looking for another job[iii], businesses must also stay aware of their position in the market and offer attractive benefits to retain their talent. Offering clear salary progression, development opportunities, access to the latest technology, training on cutting-edge systems, a relaxed work-life balance and opportunities to learn softer business skills can all help to retain valuable tech employees.

Here at Rullion, we provide our clients with a consultative approach to tech recruitment from the very beginning. We understand exactly who and what skills are available in the current market and we work with our clients to craft packages that are competitive, realistic and guaranteed to attract and retain outstanding candidates.

What’s in store for 2017?

In 2017, sourcing the right candidates for the right positions will continue to be a challenge for the IT and technology recruitment market.

As technology is inevitably advancing at an astonishing rate, we will see demand for multi-skilled tech professionals growing in all industries and locations across the UK. For businesses looking to source and maintain their IT staff, competition will remain tough and organisations will have to keep offering highly compelling packages to stay relevant and appealing.

Tech professionals are renown for being self-progressive, ambitious and inspired by their passion for cutting-edge technology. The businesses that stay proactive and agile in their approach to these candidates will be the ones who can capture the best talent available in the marketplace.

If your business is recruiting for IT and technology professionals or if you want advice and support on taking your next tech career step, talk to the team at Rullion today.