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Business Change Market Overview - October 2016

Time for a Change? As the Business Change & Transformation recruitment market continues to soar, our specialist Allan Jeory gives his thoughts on the hot skills/sectors...

Recruitment can be a tough business. It takes tenacity, patience and a large helping of insight to place the right people in the right role. But the rewards can be huge. When I place the right individual in a role that I know they’re going to excel at, it’s a great feeling. After all, it doesn’t really feel like work if you love what you do.

Business Change RullionAnd it’s an exciting time for Business Change and Transformation Professionals in the UK right now, so an equally busy time for me too. There was a short time, just after the EU referendum result, when the market had a little wobble, which was worrying, but totally understandable. But it’s bounced back even better than ever, the market is buoyant and there’s plenty of opportunity around.

One area that continues to display a particularly significant area of growth is the financial sector. The FCA tweaks and changes regulations on a regular basis, so business priorities change and new roles are created. In fact, in my opinion, it’s one of the most promising areas for candidates who want lots of opportunity to choose from.

There are currently some highly sought after skills, such as Six Sigma or the Vanguard/Systems Thinking approach, which offer a number of opportunities for candidates on the market. This is especially true in public sector areas, like local councils. These are important skills for implementing effective change, like when there’s been a service re-design for example, so they’re always going to be demand. And I can only see it increasing over time.

I am currently partnering with a number of businesses who are asking for advice on their recruitment strategy, should that be contract or permanent. Businesses continue to build mixed resourced teams due to the nature of their programmes, which means that the contract market continues to grow. The permanent market continues to be very competitive with business’ putting emphasis on their value proposition to the permanent market.

Currently the market is seeing a number of medium sized businesses going through large business change/transformation programmes as they gear up for further growth in 2017.

There’s no reason to think that the buoyant market won’t continue into 2017 so I’m confident for the future."