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Analyst roles are among the most demanded in 2017

Since the start of the year, we’ve observed the business change and IT transformation market gathering pace despite a dramatic political backdrop. Some roles are definitely more in demand than others though, and it’s a constant search to find quality candidates.

In particular, Business Analysts are really in demand right now. As businesses continue their search for permanent BAs to join the team, the contract candidate market for BAs is buoyant with more and more people opting to go contracting in the London market. One of the challenges when sourcing for Business Analysts is the fact that the role and responsibility is not the same in each business. We also need to consider whether the role is a Technical, Business Process or Business Change focussed role to ensure the right person and skill set is sourced.

Ultimately the projects that arise vary from technical, to business change and transformation focused so although demand for things like Agile experience continues to grow, the types of roles that we’re recruiting for changes from day to day.

Pay varies hugely too, not just between contract and permanent roles, but often for what could be assumed to be the same job at a glance.

Going back to business analyst roles for example, someone may be on £35,000 for a permanent position in one business, with someone else on £50,000 in a different business completing the same role. That’s a massive difference, and a lot of it will come down to the finer details of the opportunity like the responsibility involved or the technical expertise required.

Contract positions seem to be very attractive currently in the market. They offer the opportunity to work on varied projects with each contract and the opportunity to work in varied industries. However candidates do continue to advise us they want stability which is not always on offer with a short term contract. So despite the advantages to contracting, the job security permanent roles offer is valued highly by a number of candidates in the current market.

The most important thing is to have the right experience and skill-set for the right role.

In this kind of market, to be shortlisted for interview, not being specific about your achievements, background and experience without any real substance could see your CV left to one side.

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