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White Paper: Expert Tips For Managing Business Change

Being able to successfully introduce new ideas and technology is crucial to progress, yet many businesses find this a stumbling block. Rullion explores the latest thinking behind effective change management.

The only constant is change, according to an ancient saying attributed to Greek philosopher Heraclitus, who lived around 500BC. More than 2500 years later, nothing much has changed, in a manner of speaking: change remains the continual process driving our lives and it seems to be getting faster and faster. Whether talking about technology, world politics, fashion trends or business, we know that the next big thing is always just around the corner, and may have the power to alter current norms beyond our imagining.

Who would have predicted 30 years ago, for example, that by 2017 we would find it perfectly normal to be shopping for anything from a suit to a paddling pool on a laptop, from the comfort of our sofas?

For today’s businesses, the impetus for change is driven by a complex, over-lapping range of factors, from IT to the economy, globalization to customer preferences. And, while the vast majority of companies recognise that change management is integral to success, research shows that large-scale organizational changes often fail to deliver intended results. So, where to from here?

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