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Talent on Track

An expert insight into recruitment across the rail industry in 2019.

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The UK runs on rail, contributing £870 million to the UK economy each year. It comes as no surprise then, that the rail industry has a massive impact on the UK job market, employing close to a quarter of a million people. However, as the government invests in more and more large-scale projects like H2 and Crossrail, that number is rising year on year.

Over the past twenty years, we’ve become one of the leading Rail recruitment companies in the UK. Based on our expertise in rail recruitment, our report dives into the staffing problems the industry faces, as well as charting our progress to finding a solution to the reactive recruitment needs of the latest rail revolution.

Our report discusses:

Reinventing rail

To meet the government target of net-zero emissions by 2050 in the UK, there is an increase in demand for ‘Green Collar’ talent

Widening the workforce

Like many sectors, the skills shortage in the rail industry is being exacerbated by a long-standing, sector-wide gender imbalance

The next rail revolutions

The government is investing more and more in major infrastructure programmes, having a considerable impact on recruitment and talent across the sector.

Salaries and rates 2019

We’ve complied salaries from a cross-section of rail industry jobs to identify key trends.

Case study

We partnered with one of the largest rail operators in the UK, supplying contingent workers to multiple, large-scale projects across the country