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Hinkley Point C Vetting Solutions

EDF Energy's Hinkley Point C site is the largest construction site in Europe, and as such Rullion understands the need for a 100% compliant vetting service which is fast, reliable and cost-effective, in order to ensure the right people are available at the right time.

This is why we've developed Rullion Vetting, a complete vetting solution designed specifically to get Basic Clearance for Hinkley Point C in an average of 8 days, built on state of the art technology and 30 years' experience working in the Nuclear sector.

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Rullion Vetting saves time and money

Vetting can be very time-consuming, but with Rullion Vetting you could reduce onboarding from weeks to days at a great price. We have implemented this service directly with EDF and have reduced clearance time from 40 days to an average of 8.

One platform, various checks

Rullion Vetting includes all types of security clearance checks required for Basic Clearance at Hinkley Point C and offers a smooth and seamless process from start to finish

A people centric solution

Candidates get a seamless, paperless, engaging user experience and know what is happening throughout the vetting process, with checks built in undertaken by real people. The workflow technology can also be accessed from a smartphone, tablet or desktop.

Rullion Vetting has a variety of benefits including:

Reduced clearance time

With Rullion Vetting, you can reduce clearance time by up to 80%. When implemented with EDF directly, Rullion Vetting reduced clearance time from 40 days to 8.

Unrivalled costs and time efficiences

Rullion Vetting is completely digital, meaning a quicker service and reduced costs.

World class candidate experience

We ensure that the screening process is as streamlined as possible and that every candidate has an exceptional experience, minimising fallout rates throughout and continuously improving time to hire.

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