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1. Tell me about yourself - what’s your name, role and how long you have been at United Utilities?

My name’s Sammie Cookson, I’m 28 years old and have been at United Utilities for over two years. My current role is working on webchat dealing with customer queries.

2. Why did you choose United Utilities as your next career move and what keeps you motivated to stay?

My sister-in-law works for United Utilities and told me how great it was to work here. Once I came in and found my feet, I realised how many great opportunities there were to progress within the business and decided I never want to leave. The benefits are fantastic here and Rullion is very supportive during your temporary assignment. The transition from temporary to permanent was very smooth.

3. Can you describe the Contact Centre culture? How does this compare to elsewhere you may have worked?  

You walk in and everyone is smiling, there are lots of different personalities, but everyone gets on well. Even when there is an incident going on everyone is really supportive and helpful, despite being under pressure. All the Managers are very supportive and will give you their time to help you out. 

Compared to other Contact Centres I have worked in, United Utilities is more about customer experience and providing excellent customer service. The incentives on offer encourage you to put 100% effort into your role. So far, I’ve received vouchers, gifts and other prizes for my work. It feels good to have my hard work recognised.

4. Have you grown in confidence since first starting at United Utilities?

I feel like I’ve become more confident in my career since working here and can recognise that I’ve grown professionally. When I first started and I was in training I never thought I would be able to pick up the phone or gain the right skills, but one day it just clicked and now I’m flourishing. 

5. Have you had many different roles in the Contact Centre? What have they been and how are they different?

Prior to my webchat role, I worked as a front-end Customer Advisor. I was really nervous starting due to the new environment, role and industry. I came in with a group of other Advisors to start the training, some of whom I still work alongside now. We had four weeks classroom training and then came out into the Grad Bay, where we were taking calls but still had constant support from coaches and floor walkers. The support was and still is fantastic from everyone in the Contact Centre. We were also taken around the Contact Centre in the first couple of weeks and introduced to all the different teams, so we had a good understanding of who did what.

After around 12 months, an opportunity came up to move onto the webchat team and after two months in this role, I was made permanent with United Utilities. I’ve recently secured a new position on the Customer Incident Team, who deal mainly with big events and proactive customer service. I start with them next week, something I know will be a new challenge but one I’m really excited about.

6. What do you like the most about working for United Utilities?

I like how I look forward to coming into work every day. I love my team, they’re a great bunch, and I feel secure in my job. I know if I need help my Managers are there to support me. When people ask where I work, I’m proud to say United Utilities.

7. Sum up your experience at United Utilities in 3 words.

Amazing. Happy. Family.

8. Any words for people thinking of joining United Utilities?

Do it, apply! Work hard and it’ll be the best thing you ever do. There are so many opportunities available, and all you have to do is apply, work hard and you’ll flourish.