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1. Tell me about yourself - what’s your name, role and how long you have been at United Utilities?

My name’s Rav Sethi and I’ve been with United Utilities since April 2019. I worked for Virgin Media for over nine years, before I was made redundant in March 2019. I started with United Utilities in April 2019 via Rullion as a Data Cleanse Advisor based in the Business Wholesale department. 

I found my current role on the internal job board and moved into this job in October 2019. I’m now a Performance Change Agent in Network Enquiries.

2. What made you want to start a career with United Utilities, and why have you stayed?

United Utilities was on my radar for a while. I knew I wanted to work for them and develop my career here and made it happen! I heard from parents on the school run that United Utilities is a great place to work and decided to go for it. Plus, it’s very local, meaning I could walk to work!

3. Can you tell us about your time at United Utilities so far? What different roles have you undertaken?

I started as a Data Cleanse Advisor on a temporary contract via Rullion in April 2019. After this, I applied for the internal permanent role of Performance Change Agent in August and secured that role by September the same year.  

Others were surprised about my move into my current role due to me coming from a completely different area of the business. It shows that if you work hard, get your head down and have the right transferrable skills, you’re given the same opportunity as another person who may already be doing a similar role.   

4. How would you describe the working environment at United Utilities? How well do the team work together?

It’s a busy, exciting environment, so if you’re looking for a challenge, you’ll get one. So far, I’m enjoying meeting new people and learning new things. The team enjoys working collaboratively and there’s a positive atmosphere throughout the Contact Centre. The shift patterns are also handy as they mean I have a good work-life balance.

5. Give us 3 words that sum up life at United Utilities

It’s just lovely! There’s career progression, everyone is friendly and highly supportive.

6. What would you tell someone thinking of joining United Utilities?

Just do it! I think if someone had suggested the role to me when I was at Virgin Media, I wouldn’t have done it as the roles via Rullion are temporary. However, if I was presented with some of the facts and figures for temporary to permanent conversions, that would have encouraged me to make the move as they are very high. If you’re willing and want it enough there’s a permanent vacancy available for you.