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1. Tell me a little about yourself – What’s your name, what does your role involve and how long have you been working for United Utilities?

I’m Kris Dakin and I work in the Network Centre, taking calls in the Emergency Response Centre.   

2. What jobs have you done so far at United Utilities? Tell us about your first role and any new roles you’ve undertaken since.

I’ve been with the company for five years, initially in Commercial Billing, moving into Domestic Billing and now Network Enquiries.

Commercial Billing dealt with large company contracts like supermarkets and dairy farms. Domestic Billing included dealing with household customers and their queries relating to their water bills. Network Enquiries involves dealing with customer who have emergency water and wastewater issues. The calls vary significantly; we even get customers ringing to advise of any leaks or broken manholes they’ve spotted on their travels!

Day in the life of Kris

I come in and check my schedule to see what work I’m doing for the day. At the moment, I’m working on a Priority Services project (Priority Services is for customers who need extra help). We recently moved onto a new Integrated Network System and I’m currently moving data from an old system to the new system. This ensures the Priority Services customers are captured if they call and given the correct level of service.

3. What’s the best thing about working at United Utilities?

The environment and atmosphere of the office. The Customer Service Director thrives on you bringing your personality to work, which allows you to come in and be yourself.

4. What made you join United Utilities and why have you stayed on?

I was aware of United Utilities as a company through family and friends, so when I saw the role advertised by Rullion I spoke with my Dad who told me to go for it as they’re a great company. Next step was to register with Rullion and now here I am five years on. The transition from the temporary role with Rullion to a permanent one with UU was quick and straightforward.

I’m still here because it’s rewarding work. Once you find your feet and figure out how the various systems work then it’s great. The roles are varied and there’s the opportunity to move into different teams if that’s your goal. The work/life balance is pretty great too!

It’s also a great place to work because our efforts are rewarded. When I worked in the Billing department, our customer survey scores increased, and we moved from eighth to second in the table of other water companies. As a result, the Customer Services Director paid for the team to go on a night out as a thank you.

Overall, it’s just a happy place to come and work!

5. Can you describe the company culture in the Contact Centre?

It’s a diverse mixture of people of all ages who get on well together. Walking round the office you see people laughing every day of the week which makes it an enjoyable place to work.

6. How would you describe working at United Utilities in three words?

Fun, challenging and bright. Every day is different in Network Enquiries, meaning you could be dealing with a customer reporting a leak, to someone reporting a sheep has got its head stuck in one of UU’s fields!

7. Any words of advice for someone thinking of joining United Utilities?

Go for it! I left a permanent role for a temporary one and it’s worked out great. The staff are well looked after and the salary and benefits on offer are very competitive.