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1. Tell me about yourself - what’s your name, role and how long you have been at United Utilities?

I’m Emma, I currently work on the Customer Incident Team and I’ve been working at United Utilities for four years.

2. Why did you decide to join United Utilities, and why have you stayed?

I’ve worked at United Utilities before, so when I saw the advert on the Rullion website, I knew I had to re-apply!

I feel like this is a brilliant place to work. There’s a lot of support and it feels like a big family. There are also a lot of progression opportunities, so if you start as a Customer Service Advisor, you can expand into lots of different areas you wouldn’t have thought to go into.

3. Can you tell us about your time at United Utilities so far? Start with your first role, and then your promotion and new role.

I started off in the Contact Centre taking online front-end calls. After a few months working in this role, I applied for a role within the newly created Customer Incident Team.

My role involves taking inbound calls from customers relating to emergency water and wastewater issues. For example, a customer might have a leak or an issue with wastewater, such as a flood in the garden or internal flooding. Me and my team will raise emergency responses to get the issue resolved as quickly as possible for our customers. There could also be issues in the wider area, such as a large burst that is affecting numerous properties. We’ll arrange for the repairs to be completed by talking about the issue with the Internal Scheduling Teams.

The training to prepare you for these roles is very thorough. First, you have four weeks classroom training, followed by a stint in the Grad Bay, which is a team of new starters who have access to a lot of support. Even when you leave the Grad Bay, you have a buddy who you can turn to for additional support if you need it.

4. What is the culture like working as part of the Contact Centre team at United Utilities? How well do the team work together?

I feel like it’s one big family. If there is a major incident, everyone gets involved to help solve the issue. Everyone is really friendly and there is the opportunity for real teamwork.

5. What do you like the most about working for United Utilities?

The people! I absolutely love who I work with. We’re a sociable office and regularly enjoy team meals, nights out and staff parties. I also enjoy the work-life balance, as I’m a working mum and the shift patterns allow me to fit work around my other commitments.

6. Do you feel more confident in your career since starting at United Utilities?

Yes, definitely. I’m doing a development course for a management role within the Contact Centre and eventually hoping to move into a Team Leader role. The progression available at United Utilities has given me a clear focus for my career and enables me to feel more confident at work.

7. How would you describe working at United Utilities in three words?

Challenging, worthwhile and fun.

8. What would you tell someone thinking of joining United Utilities?

Give the role a shot! We’re all fun and friendly and the atmosphere in the office is great - what’s not to like!