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What to Expect from our Recruitment Process

At Swinton Group, we're committed to making your application simple, a great experience for you and a true reflection of what to expect once you join our team. We're always here to talk through any questions you may have and welcome any feedback on how we can improve your experience.

1. Apply

Thank you for your interest in joining our Award-Winning Contact Centre! Once you apply to one of our roles, you’ll receive an email to say your application has been successful. If for any reason you have trouble submitting your application, please call our team on 0161 923 4279.

2. Evaluate

Once we’ve received your application, our team will need some time to review it. If you’ve been successful, we’ll call you within two to five days of your submission to talk about the next steps. Unfortunately, due to the high volume of applications we can’t call everyone. However, if you would like some feedback on your application, please email for more details.

3. We get to know you

The next stage is a quick call from our Recruitment team where we will take some time to get to know you. We will ask you some general employment questions, work through your CV and ask you some short competency questions based on your background and experience. If you need to schedule a specific time to hold this call, we can of course arrange this.

4. Online numeracy and literacy check

If you’re successful at the “Getting to know you” stage, the next stage is an assessment of your numeracy and literacy skills. As an insurance company, we conduct these tests to ensure you are happy to occasionally deal with numbers in your role. The test should be simple for anyone with GCSE level Maths and English, but if you have any questions about completing it, please speak to our Recruitment team to discuss your concerns. At Swinton, we want to give everyone the opportunity to succeed in their role, and this stage of the process will ensure you have the numeracy and literacy skills to do so. We also ask you to complete these tests online and before you come in to meet us to ensure we can conclude the recruitment process as quickly as possible!

5. Getting to know us 

Our Swinton Experience day is the last stage in our Contact Centre recruitment process. Held at our offices in Manchester City Centre with a tour of the building, you can start to get a real feel for our business and environment. During the session, we do relaxed group activities, assessing qualities such as teamwork, communication, positivity and customer service skills. The session concludes with a one-on-one competency-based interview with one of our Customer Service Managers from the Contact Centre. This is a great chance to talk to our team, ask them any questions you may have and get a genuine feel of what it’s like to work here. If you’re successful at this stage, we’ll offer you a job the next day. Please remember to bring your Passport (and any other paperwork requested) as we need to verify your Right to Work in the UK. We will also ask you to confirm the people who will be happy to provide references for you. Please ensure you bring their details (including all contact details – emails, phone and addresses) as we won’t be able to confirm your start date until these references are taken.

6. Feedback

Following the Swinton Experience Day, we will have a debrief with the managers and evaluate your contribution. You will receive a call the following day from our Recruitment team to let you know if you have been successful or unsuccessful. If you haven’t achieved the criteria required to join the team, full feedback will be available for you. If we would like to offer you a role, we will take you through why and what the feedback was from the group exercises and the one-to-one interview.

7. The paperwork - it’s official!

We will confirm with you that you would like to join the team, and issue you a Contract. Please review and return this as soon as you can and let the us know that you have done so. We can arrange a start date for you and organise your building pass.

8. Welcome Evening

Finally, as a new colleague please expect an invite to your Welcome Evening. This will take place prior to joining. They are informal, and a great way to socialise with your colleagues that are due to start on the same day as you, plus some of our Contact Centre Managers. It’s also your opportunity to ask any questions you have about starting your role with us. One of our recent joiners commented:

“I was nervous going into the welcome evening but, looking back, it meant I knew everyone who I started with on my first day already. Once you’ve started, you go through training with the same people too, which is nice because the training involves a lot of group work. Knowing some people before I started really helped calm my first day nerves!”

9. Post-start check in

Once you have joined, you will see the Recruitment team around the business and we will look to meet with you to hear any feedback you may have about the process, how your training is progressing and any ideas of what we can do better. Your comments are really important to us.

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