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7 ways we are committed to our people at Swinton Group

At Swinton Group, our people mean a lot to us. Without them, we wouldn’t be where we are today. That’s why we provide every single one of our employees with the highest standards of support and commitment that they deserve.

By reviewing our existing processes and identifying needs for improvement, we worked closely with our Executive Team and Senior Leaders to determine our 7 People Commitments for 2019.

We’ve made great progress so far with several commitments already in place. We’ll continue to successfully deliver every single one of these commitments to our employees throughout the course of 2019 and beyond.

1. Drive a high performance, customer-centric culture where colleagues perform at their best

We want our employees to perform at their very best and to feel happy and confident in their working environment. In order to keep track of each individual and their personal performance, we've introduced a selection of review programmes, ensuring that our employees have a 121 at least once a month at all levels. We strongly promote objective setting and Personal Development Plans which we actively review during the middle and end of each year.

2. Continue to invest in our people by building capability at all levels

We know how important it is for our employees to keep learning throughout their career and continue to grow and progress, both professionally and personally. To encourage the development of new skills and learning, we provide our employees with access to a variety of different learning resources; our Digital Learning Lounge, face-to-face skills and local training and development plans.

3. Build a strong and diverse pipeline of talent at all levels

We’ve made plans to launch a Talent Identification, Assessment and Development process to ensure that we are helping each of our employees to be the very best version of themselves. We aim to help them in identifying and developing new and existing skills by providing access to a great selection of career development tools and advice, including our very own My Career, My Development site.

4. Build trust and confidence in senior leaders through regular open and honest communications

Relationships are key at all levels and we promote a high level of communication and engagement, ensuring all our people know their value within our company. We constantly keep our employees informed about business strategies and performance by updating and promoting our online resources, roadshows and by encouraging face-to-face meetings with our employees.

5. Fairly recognize and reward our people for doing a good job

We believe that a simple ‘Thank you’ can go a very long way. Here at Swinton Group, we promote a culture that encourages people to recognise the efforts of others and to show their appreciation through positive communication and acknowledgement. We recently relaunched our recognition scheme and we’re doing our best to review and improve our key employee features, including pay, bonus and benefit schemes.

6. Create an environment where difference is celebrated, and colleagues feel supported

We do our best to keep our employees as happy and healthy as possible. We’ve successfully launched our Health and Wellbeing and Wellness4life programmes and trained members of our team as Mental Health First Aiders. We believe that mental and physical health should be treated with the same importance. We’re working on developing and improving our 2019 Diversity and Inclusion strategy and plans, alongside the creation of Diversity and Inclusion networks. 

7. Empower colleagues to have a voice and influence decisions which affect them

Every voice matters here at Swinton Group. We strongly encourage our employees to make suggestions for improvements and changes within the business. After all, these decisions will affect them directly and it’s important that they know how much their opinion matters to us. We ensure that every suggestion goes through the same consideration process regardless of their level within the company.

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