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4 Things That Make Our Culture Unique

There's something about the atmosphere in our Contact Centre. It's a unique environment. Here are four things that make it that way, as chosen by our Contact Centre Team:

1) We are independent

We give our people freedom to excel and reach their full potential, whilst supporting them to grow in confidence. Unlike many Contact Centre environments, we don't micro-manage. We believe that our people work best when they're given independence.

"Working in Swinton is different to other Contact Centres. You can have fun, but still do your job. It’s a relaxed atmosphere, you get lots of autonomy and everyone is treated as an individual. I’d say it’s an open culture, there are no closed doors.

 -B.U, Customer Service Manager

2) Everything is customer-focused

All our people are with us because they put the customer at the heart of everything they do. We don’t have any call-time limits or call boards; our aim is for every customer to go away happy - regardless of how long it takes.

"It’s fast- paced and the time really flies. We all value the customer above anything else, so we like to think of how we can do better for our customers every day when we walk through the door. I’d say we’re continually improving and continually making little changes to ensure things are always improving for our customers."

By A.J, Customer Experience Manager

3) We are collaborative

Teamwork is what makes us tick. We all play our part and we're all treated as equals. Our Contact Centre is a place for hard working people who all pitch in to help our customers. In return, we celebrate together when we succeed. 

"Team is the key word and I think that collaborative nature shines through on the Contact Centre floor. The culture is really close-knit. We’re a large organisation but we work in mini teams, so we get together all the time, share updates and see how everyone is. It’s very two-way, you can speak to anyone about anything. "

By D.W, Contact Centre Trainer

4) We are positive

We want to work in a happy, successful atmosphere, so we keep it positive. We keep a sense of humour with everything we do, and our Contact Centre teams know they’re a vital part of an ambitious business that’s always thinking ahead – defining, planning and building for a better future.

"Working in Swinton is different to other Contact Centres that I’ve worked in. It's very positive here. You can walk around the floor and see teams laughing and joking together between calls, planning meals and drinks outside of work and generally just getting along with each other."

By J.S, Customer Service Associate