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Why remote working works at Rullion

Attitudes around the workplace are changing, and more and more people want the opportunity to work flexibly.

It was no surprise that remote working was one of the hot topics in our internal employee engagement survey last year, with 60% of Rullion staff wanting the chance to work remotely.

So this time last year, we introduced our own remote working policy for all employees.

Since then, employees across the business have taken advantage of the policy. Discover how remote working is helping our employees unlock their potential:

Chris Evans, Head of Practice, IT Staffing Solutions

"Modern life doesn’t fit around the 9-5 and connectivity means we no longer need to be at a desk to be productive. Whether it’s working around the challenges of life such as school runs, dentist trips or an MOT or it’s the ability to sit quietly and concentrate on delivering a focused task – there are proven benefits to remote working.

Yes, sometimes it’s about helping the individual to find a work-life blend, but it’s also about giving people the right environment to deliver in their role. Our employee engagement scores show a great response and we continue to see strong results from those in our team who practice remote working."

Tracy Leigh-Chapman, Senior Administrator, Business Services

"I find the flexibility of being able to work from home really helpful. I’ve only worked two days from home up to now, but it was a life-saver! It’s not something I’d personally choose to do on a weekly basis as I enjoy the interaction with the rest of the office, but having this option is definitely a positive thing in my eyes. As long as the team has adequate cover, I don’t see any issues – only positives!"



John Shephard, Client Services Manager, Managed Solutions

"We supply contractors to 10 sites nationally. It’s crucial that all the team are mobile to be able to visit locations regularly, as such, the ability to work remotely and flexibly is a huge part of what we do.  From working on-site to saving travel time before and after meetings, as well as working from home when needed, the remote working policy allows our teams the freedom and autonomy to deliver a first-class service to both client and contractor."


Andrew Dugdale, Managing Consultant, IT Staffing Solutions

"Remote working can be beneficial for both employees and the business. Why? Having trust and autonomy for your employees will allow an element of controlling their own destiny. If managed correctly with clearly defined objectives, working from home can pay dividends for all parties."



Molly Hodge, Marketing Executive

"I try to work remotely at least one day a week. Sometimes I work from home, but more often than not, I’ll work from another Rullion office. For me, the change of scenery keeps things fresh and means I’ve been able to build strong relationships across different areas of the business. 

It’s great that our remote working policy is offered to all employees, whether you work in front office or back office – which isn’t something you typically see from a recruitment company. I think the policy has been a real success, not just in the Marketing and Bids team but across the wider business."

Howard Marshall, Head of Contractor Management

"The remote working policy has created a really positive opportunity for our employees to work flexibly. 

It’s a flexible arrangement that the team has been able to take advantage of since it’s introduction.  For us, it’s been all about finding a way around operational barriers that initially looked insurmountable, but with a bit of thought, the right attitude and trust you can make this policy work for everyone."


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