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Steph Crosbie: "I'm fundraising for St Ann's Hospice"

Rullion has offered me an amazing opportunity to unlock my potential through changing my career and fine tuning my strengths into the Project Management skills arena. I work with a great team and enjoy the variety my role offers. The most exciting thing about working for Rullion for me though, has been and always will be, the people.

Outside of work, I’m also unlocking my potential through aiming to complete ten Tough Mudders in total. In 2019 I would really like to do Europe's Toughest Mudder - it will require some real fitness commitment from me and the team - 8 hours, starting at midnight, filled with mud and obstacles so tough, so extreme, you'll wonder why you signed up in the first place. Toughest Mudder is a crazy new iteration of the overnight obstacle course specially designed to push you to your limits. It will all the mind-numbing terrain, icy water and thick mud that Tough Mudder has to offer and make you spend 8-hours dragging yourself around the 5-miles of madness.

But no Tough Mudder event is an ordinary mud run - it’s an experience; an escape from the everyday. At Tough Mudder, you won’t just face your fears - you’ll knock them down. You’ll go over, around, and through them. You’ll test your strength, stamina, and grit, and you’ll help the Mudders around you to do the same.
I’m completing two this year to move me closer to my target both to raise money and awareness for St Ann's Hospice. SAH is an amazing cause close to my heart - their facilities are outstanding and their care and passion, second to none.

St Ann's Hospice took care of someone close to me a few years back and they were amazing - the support offered to both patients and their families is nothing short of a miracle.

St Ann's Hospice is a charity based in Cheadle providing palliative care. They rely heavily on the generosity of others - both time and financial contributions. I hope to raise sponsorship and awareness through my actions for this wonderful cause.

Additionally we have grown a team of veteran Tough Mudders and we are always recruiting new #TeamRullion members to join us at our September event.


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