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Rebecca Wells: "I am running an outdoor extreme obstacle course over 10K"

I work for Rullion as an Account Manager within our Managed Solutions team. I love working at Rullion because of the variety each day brings. I also enjoy the scope and scale of both the organisation and its accounts.

After having a baby I decided to unlock my potential outside of work by joining a running team and I’m going to be competing in Rough Runner – an outdoor extreme obstacle course over 10k ( I’m competing in a team of three new mums and whilst we aren’t raising any money for a charity, we’re proud to be supporting and motivating each other to get back into shape after having our children.

The obstacle course will test me to the maximum and is a challenge which requires all-over body fitness. It will push me to the limit, but also be a lot of fun (I hope!).

I’m enjoying the challenge so much that I’m likely to book a half marathon next. I’ve completed two previously, but all pre-baby!


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