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Amber Black-Dominique: "I've done the Mean Bean challenge for Tearfund"

I’m Amber Black-Dominique and I’m a Corporate Recruiter at Rullion. I like working at Rullion because it’s a passionate organisation, with lots of drive and motivation. I love the way that everyone works well together across the different business areas – it makes it a really collaborative environment and friendly atmosphere to work in.

Outside of work I was recently motivated to take on the Mean Bean challenge for charity. It's a five day challenge where you only eat porridge and water for breakfast, and rice and beans for lunch and dinner for five days. This is to replicate the diet of a person in a poverty stricken country.

Through this initiative, I've fundraised for Tearfund, an NGO that seeks to end extreme poverty.

I like completing challenges and raising money for charity as I think it's really important to be aware of the issues in the world and try to give back where you can. This particular challenge is probably one of the hardest I've signed up to this year, but it has only been five days!

I would hope it makes people feel grateful for the basics we are fortunate to have in life, so the ability to choose the food we eat and being able to eat well.

I've also signed up to the Great Row with my colleague, Rebecca Grayell-Rees. and I’m completing Total Warrior in June as well. I'm hoping to find another challenge that will push me mentally and something I would enjoy!


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