Do you know what your average cost per hire is?

Can you compare your cost per hire year on year easily at the touch of a button?

Do you know the true costs of recruitment, temp and perm on
your business?

Do you know how
much AWR has cost your business?

Are you certain
your business is
AWR compliant?

Do you know how
, on average, your temporary workers stay with your business?

Do you know how
you have been
using a particular
temp or contractor?

Do you know how many
of your temp workers' contracts have been extended and by how long?

Does your HR system allow you to measure
the performance
your suppliers?

Can you easily calculate the length of time your temp workers stay in your business?

Can your current
system help you ensure the right people are
in the right roles?

Are you attracting
the best candidates
to your business?

Do you have a system in place to accurate measure and monitor every aspect of your recruitment?

Do you know how much you spent last month on temporary workers?

Do you have standard pricing agreements in place with all your recruitment agencies?

Do you know how
many temporary
you have in
your organisation?

Do you know the status of all live vacancies – temp and perm?

Do you have a pay
rate matrix in place
for temporary and contract workers?

Do your hiring
managers always
follow the defined recruitment process?

Can you measure the effectiveness of different recruitment channels, e.g. websites, jobsites?

Do you utilise consolidated invoicing to minimise the transaction costs of temporary recruitment?

Do you have visibility over the breakdown of your temporary worker charge rates?

Do you capture
diversity data for all recruitment – temp, contract and perm?

Can you ensure that all job vacancies, temp or perm, are approved before they are released?

Do you have KPI's
in place to measure
the performance of
your suppliers?

Do you know what percentage of your workforce are temp
or contract workers?

Would you like to know the answer to this at the push of a button?

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